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About Sun Mirror Productions


Who are we?


We are an independent publishing non profit with a focus on Catholic Christian faith-based novels, musical compositions with an emphasis on world music and rhythms, as well as drumming instruction.

Our Story

It started with a creative mind that needed to be unleashed.  Carlos Solorzano has been writing novels and composing music for many years. But with changing industries and a desire for more artistic control, the need to publish his work independently became more and more apparent.

Then in August 2019, Carlos partnered with Angelica Delallana and began their non-profit Humana Corpus Dignitate, a Catholic organization that does talks and speaks to others on their own self-worth and dignity.  A friendship planted in music and that blossomed into their partnership, they discovered an even more powerful connection through their creativity.  Combining both of their talents, they decided to self-publish all of Carlos' past work and have begun to write and create together.


Speaking on Faith and Dignity of the

Human Person

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